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We are Greg & Leanne Million

Certified Relationship, Sexuality & Emotional Empowerment Coaches

We provide an inclusive and safe space for those in alternative relationship dynamics, as well as LGBTQ2IA+ and BIPOC folx.

Leanne Million

Meet Leanne (she/her)

Greg Million

Meet Greg (he/him)

Relationship Coaching

No matter the kind of relationship, we can help you navigate it more successfully.

Sexuality Coaching

No topic is taboo! Let’s help you feel more connected to your true sexual self so you can own it!

Emotional Management

Understand your feelings and learn how to work with them, without allowing them to overwhelm you.

Kink & BDSM

We can help you understand your kinks and navigate BDSM dynamics within a safe shame-free space.

What Is Relationship,  Sexuality and Emotional Empowerment Coaching?

We are here to help you gain more clarity about what you need and desire in your relationships, understand your own sexual identity, empower you to advocate for yourself, address your fears, limiting beliefs and negative narratives, be able to more effectively manage your feelings and help you move forward in a more authentic and empowered way toward where you want to be.

We focus primarily on those in non-monogamous, polyamorous, and open relationships, but if that doesn’t describe you, we also work with those who are curious and questioning, identify as monogamous, or are in a mono/poly relationship.

We also specialize in alternative lifestyles including kink and BDSM.

Who Is It For?

Those who are struggling with:

  • feeling shame, frustration, confusion, or misunderstood in their relationships.
  • opening up an established relationship or dynamic.
  • enmeshment (my feelings are whatever yours are) and/or codependency (feeling helpless without the other person).
  • feeling shame or confusion about their needs and desires. 
  • the “mono” mindset getting in the way of enjoying your polyamorous or non-monogamous connections.
  • effective communication – feeling unheard, fearing conflict.
  • emotional regulation – not letting your emotions overwhelm you.
  • This is also for you if you are curious and questioning what type of relationship dynamic suits you most or you just want to be better at relating to others. 


What is The Process Like?

You are in the driver’s seat. We’ve got the map. And together, we determine the destination. How? Typically we meet every two weeks (sometimes more often) to work on articulating your values, needs and wants.  You give us the history to provide context for the issues you’d like to address.  We provide tips, tools and strategies to move you closer to your chosen destination.

But first, we start with a FREE 30 min Introductory Call to see if we’re a good fit!

1. You're here. This is the first step. Looking for help.

You’ve recognized you’re not happy with the way things are and that you want to change them. Awesome!

2. Get In Touch.

Send us a quick note to let us know you would like to have an Introductory Call. Include your time zone and general availability. You can ask for either of us.

3. Watch for a return email.

Sometimes our reply will get lost in a Spam or Junk folder. Keep an eye out over the next few days for it. We’ll suggest some times for your Free 30 min Introductory Call.

4. After our call, if we both agree we're a good fit to move forward...

…you choose your preferred package or whether you’d rather have single sessions and then we set a start date. You’ll receive a Coaching Agreement that outlines our roles and responsibilities as we work together. 

5. Coaching Commences!

We begin the work! We’ll show up, ready to provide support, offer perspective and give you tools to assist you in achieving the changes you want to see in your world. 

Online Coaching Resources


Dive in with us to tackle those common issues my husband, Greg and I have encountered in relationships. Topics like "Tools vs. Rules", "All About Consent", "Managing Chronic Illness", "Toxic Relationships" and "Long Term Relationship Challenges" address things that occur in MANY relationships, and others like "Jealousy in CNM", "Grieving Monogamy", "The Desire to Feel Special in Poly/CNM" and "Poly/Mono Relationships" really focus on the needs of polyam and CNM folx.

Or Find It Here:

Join Our Facebook Group EMPOWERED POLY Relationship Support and Advice

Being in a polyamorous or consensually non-monogamous relationship can feel isolating sometimes. Communities can be helpful in recognizing we aren't the only person having certain challenges and even help guide us. They help us feel less alone. We also offer Open Mondays discussion meetings Sept - June where we pick a topic and everyone has an opportunity to share, ask questions and help one another.

THE POLY LAB Group Coaching Jan. 6th - 27th, 2023 Disentangling Codependency with special guest Jessica Fern!

Group coaching is way to access coaching more affordably, to gain connections with others facing similar challenges and to come away with a proactive approach using tools, tips and techniques you'll get in THE POLY LAB with myself and Greg.

Our next Polylab: Disentangling Codependency starts January 6th and runs for 4 weeks every Saturday at 12:00 pm MST for 90 min. The final Saturday on January 27th is a Q & A with psychotherapist Jessica Fern, author of "Polysecure" and "Polywise"! Only $249 for 3 weeks of coaching and a chance to ask Jessica your questions! 

About Us

We met in 2016 and entered into a polyamorous relationship. When we recognized we were struggling, and knowing we didn’t have the tools we needed to do it well, (and since we weren’t seeing anyone else) we closed our relationship. It took us three years to do the work we needed to open up again! Keep in mind both of us had decades of previous experience in polyamory and non-monogamy before this. It wasn’t our first rodeo, but it was still incredibly challenging.

Many courses, hundreds of hours of both therapy and coaching (both individual and as a couple) later, we opened up again. We learned how to overcome the many challenges encountered and found ourselves grounded in authenticity and autonomy.

A few months in, as the world went into lockdowns in 2020, we each had transitioned out of our careers in education (Leanne) and corporate sales (Greg) into coaching, and EMPOWERED POLY was born!

We’re excited to share what we’ve learned with you.


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